HAM RADIO 2016 in Friedrichshafen

Stayed the first night in Hirtshals at Hotell Skaga.
Located 1 min. From the ferry from Norway.

We had plans to drive to St. Andreasberg in Hartz, but it was too far. Drove 600 km.
End up in a beautiful little town, Bad Bevensen. It is full of small fine hotels.
Use the app on mobile to find accommodation. Fantastic efficiently.

From our veranda at hotel Sonnenfügel in Bad Bevensen.
Very good hotel with super breakfast.

We have come to Goslar. Here are the mines in Rammelsberg.
They are on UNESCO World Heritage.

The anniversary was designed in 1937 by architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer.
It was a part of the German project for manufacturing metal for the weapons industry.
You can clearly see the typical design for this time in Germany.

The small bird cage miners brought down into the depths.
Canary birds sat in these cages. They had food and water.
If the air was bad, the cannabis was bad long before the people.
You could therefore leave the mine before you became bad.

We are going into the stool with the train.

Inside the stool.

From the changing room / closet. Here the workers changed clothes.
At the end of the day, the clothes were raised in the ceiling.

From the shower. 100 people could shower at the same time here.

From the museum in the old factory premises.
No thing of that of the old has been removed. Everything is there.
Only display assemblies are mounted between the machines.

An awesome stuff of Goslaritt.

Next day we will stay at Hotel Am Lingelback

One of the best hotels we've stayed at. The owners run the hotel itself.

Typical German motorhome. They have their own "style".
Many have such motorhomes running out in the terrain.

Then we have come to Friedrichshafen. Great here.

Picture taken in the evening close to the hotel. We see Switzerland and Austria on the horizon
We live right in the center all the way down the sea.

Wedding on the beach below the hotel.

Here the baloons are released.


Eidolon from Larvik, Norway builds its stand.

Lots of interesting German radios. The sellers are not there until the following day.

The clock is immediately 1000 and the fair opens. They have already stood in line for an hour.
It is important to ensure the best goodies in the flea market.

The most eager customers quickly find the goodies. It runs.

Gundersen from Eidolon showe the stand.
Skontorp installs its newest pnaumabeam SW.

An amazing telephone exchange for 1200 Euro
Should I buy it ???

The sellers of this stand started selling already before the fair opened.
I bought the gray speaker in front of the lady who drinks.

Enigma stand.

Gundersen talks with the Enigmic peoples. We have an enigma we will get rid of.
He was interested right away. They are certainly popular nowadays.

Enigma stand. Here is the building kit for enigma.

building kit

Spy radios.

Suddenly, a lot of root, I find a super rare FS5000 with procession from the Cold War.
The price is 2000 Euro.


I was very well received by DK1JU and DJ3NF on the stand of AFM.
They often use my website for information on the restoration of their radios.
It's very nice to meet people who appreciate my pages. DJ3CF is running CW

Impressive beautiful stations. They have fitted antennas outside
as they can operate all the stations on. Here we see Geloso Tx and
Rx and an English Wireles set no. 19.
DJ3NF connects the antenna to 15W.S.E.a to the right of the picture.

Here adjusts DJ3NF into the fabulous 15 Watt station.
It is a very nice construction. I have two pieces and I will start with
to get these on the air. There is a European network for these at 80 and 40 meters.

DK1JU operating Geloso.

DJ3NF shows on the stand this complete amateur station built by DJ3CF in 1957.
Amazingly nice to see how great it is made and documented. DJ3CF was on the
stand and operated CW for the first time in 40 years.

What are you looking at?

We are looking at this amazing product !!!
An incredible mast. Can be driven up and down.
For 50000 USD you can get one.

Found these loops. I get many new ideas for my own loops.

The entire loop is hinged at the bottom. The current is directed through the flat copper plate that bends.

The condenser plates are mounted on each loop half. A screw motor moves
plates into each other. A large insulator on either side of the engine.

A strange loop. I need to take a closer look at this one.

Another strange loop from the same company.

Here there were lots of nice goods, says Gundersen

QSL card on the wall (click two times for HD)

Many children builds electronic morse keys.

On our way from the fair we will stay at the Ramada in Aalen.
There we found this interesting stoll. It is Tiefer Stollen.
It is possible to join a 4-hour tour into the old mines.
Google maps

30 years ago we were on holiday in Hartz. It was a wonderful great hiking area with thousands of tourists. It is also full of silver mines there. From being the exclusive tourist resort, there is now nothing. Just about all the big hotels in the small towns are in ruins. We saw no tourists. The posters in the forest showing the tour roads were faded and illegible and they were overgrown by shrubs.

Everything is broken.

Yet one of the many abandoned hotels.

Staying at the magnificent Goldene Krone hotel in Goslar in Hartz

Breakfast in the wonderful dining room.

On a trip out in Goslar, Great old house.

Vi kjørte milevis inn i de dype skogene i Hartz. Uten dekning på mobilen og ingen mennesker å se.
Vi lette etter gruvestoller. Dagen etter da jeg skulle starte smeller det i motoren og jeg har ingen servo.
Vifrereimen hardde plutselig røket. Hadde det skjedd litt før hadde vi vært fortapt i skogen.
Etter meget bra hjelp fra IF forsikring ble bilen transportert til en Saab ekspert i Goslar,
Autohaus Stephan GmbH, Vienenburg der de fikset alt slik at vi fikk kjøre videre..

The car was fixed and we travel so home.