NORGE 2016


58.97474, 9.92812
Fantastic great place right by the sea.
Very good radio conditions completely free from noise.

Have dined at the waterfront. Finest place.

We sit with a glass of wine and watch the ocean.

59.04577, 9.96922
Visits the Ulfsbakktunnel. There is an old water
tunnel designed for the water supply in Larvik

59.9295, 8.81155
We have driven to Rjukan and look at Amonia. It is one of the two ferries
which was used during the war. The other was lowered during the heavy water campaign.

59.82379, 8.31552
Has arrived at Møsvatn on Hardangerviden. Height is 916.45 meters.
Our motorhome is on the left.

We are on our way to the heavy water factory.

The amazing looking generators in the power plant.
Each generator is at 5.4MW
There are two on each shaft, so every turbine delivers 10.8MW.
This was the world's largest power plant in 1911.

Here we see the two generators mounted on the same shaft.
To the right we see the magnetization generator.

Great to see so original machines.
Everything is unchanged from the plant started until it was shut down in 1971

Nice Machines

The communal habitation that the WW2 sabotage had in the Hardangervidden.

One of the sabotage sends messages on "Berit"

It's hoping from the bridge. It's terribly high down.

We drive up to Gaustatoppen. Huge long hill from Rjukan and up.

Sheeps in the road at Gaustatoppen.
Had to remove them.

Long queues of people heading up to Gaustatoppen.
We see the top with the tower in the background.

We go for a great trip opposite the Gaustatoppen.

Notodden mobile homes. 50 RV''s.

The old "boilers" from the Ironworks in Notodden.

Hogga Sluser in Lunde, Telemark.
Nice place for motor homes.

The doors are completely original. Everything is mechanical and manual.

While we were there, Victoria passed by.