Tur til DANMARK 2016

HAM RADIO 2016 in Friedrichshafen

Tur til NORGE 2016



Here we come into the show.
Huge basses.
The big one is at 3000 Watt

Absolutely huge car audio system.

The ladies helped too.

Look at the battery to the amplifiers.

Mercedes showed a new car.

It was completely full of TV people there.

A lady walked continuously and polished the car.

Lynghaug is little interested in this 12,000 watt car amplifier

Lynghaug looking at a rotating car that functions as a record player.

The large companies had huge exhibitions.

Much fine screens, sound and light.

Sony had nice headphones with noise cancellation.
Worked wonderfully well.

These are small and inexpensive, but worked fine.

Barth looking at some strange microphones at Gibson.

Musikk på Gibson. Musikere kunne spille og få direktegravert opptaket på plate.

Fantastic fun concert at Gibson. Free drinks too.


Today we are going at Sands and Venetian. CES is divided into three parts.

High-tech Beauty Makeovers
A large section just for Beauty products.
Here's a nail printer.

A product all grill owners must have.
A barbecue robot that cleans the grill.

Lynghaug wonder what this robot will help us with.

Lynghaug enters on a stand and there comes a rod running.


It has display, speaker and microphone.
It is controlled by the lady in the chair.

Floors from 29 -35 are reserved for Hi-End stereo firms.
There are large rooms suited to audio demo.
Super expensive stereo displayed here.

Great sound. Horn with 813 amps.
As a radio amateur I use such tubes in my transmitters.
The designer of this amplifier was also a radio amateur.

Here there were many expensive products.


Las Vegas Pawn
We rented a car and visit some cool locations.

We often see on Pawn Stars as Video test signal at Laud Media

Fun place.

Had to stop here for some presents for they home.

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas. Suddenly this creepy lady up.
She had heard that we had bought a special drink here.
It comes with spanking from this rod when you buy this drink,
she says.


Hofbräuhaus am Platzl in Munich is one of the world's most famous beer halls.
It was here that Hitler formed NSDAP on 24 February 1920.
This is a replica of this famous house .
I visited the original beer hall in Germany last year.

House of Blues at Mandalay Bay
Very poor acoustics in the room


We are back at CES.
Barth looking at an extreme 15 "15000 Watt.

There were two drone sections.
One was for private use, and the other for broadcast use.

Super Interesting camcorders with gyro stabilization.
Cell phone on the handle to get a monitor.

Next generation tube amp.
It uses class-D tubes.

It appears on the Infineon booth.

Submarines can be controlled via a cable.
Have camera.

Monitors drove around and talked to customers.
They had a camera, microphone, speaker and screen.
The peoples of the screens are located a totally different place.
They could also control them around.

Cosmetic mirror, on the wall.
The Mirror has camera and shows a picture of the person in front of the mirror.
One can then put on makeup and watch it immediately.
This is for cosmetic firms that can show the customer the result before starting the job.

LG shows absolutely brilliant and thin screens.

This is as thin as a sheet of glass.

Great demonstration of the capabilities of the new TVs.

Absolutely stunning LG 8K UHD 98 "

A curved LG OLED TV

And this is the back.
Picture there too.
The thickness is like a magazine.

Here you can get steam cleaned jackets.
Afterwards tumble dry.
Become like new.

MECCANO with robotic.

METAS shows LEGO compatible control system.

LEGO with uP and PC programming.


We travel from Las Vegas. Eat great buffet at Sunset Station before we go.

Driving across Hoover Dam.

We have come to Kingman on Route 66.

A mega trains pass. It has four giant locomotives and about 70 carriages.

Oatman on Route 66

Here is the gold mining town Oatman and Oatman Hotel.

All the walls are covered with money.
Miners started this long ago.

Thick layers of money hanging from the ceiling.
Enormous amounts are here attached to walls and ceilings.

A small scene fit among all the money.



We are going on a huge sporting goods store. Bas Pro in LA.

Superfine shop. Have much. Must to USA to find such a thing.

Avdelingen for fiskesneller. De mer eksklusive ligger i denne disken.

Weapons and ammunition, huge.


Santa Monica Beach.
Her er det mange treningsapparater for de som
liker at folk ser på mens de trener.

The pier at Santa Monica.

We going on Hockey Game with LA Kings and the Red Wings

Huge sports bars and eateries all around the stadium.
18,000 spectators. Huge systems to achieve this. I am impressed.

Selve kampen i Hockey består av at utøverne har klubber de
slår etter en ball. En liten svart brikke benyttes som ball.
Jeg kikket for det meste på høyttalerne og alle lys og videoeffektene.

Other onLaud Media looked more on the game.


We go from the hotel in LA.

Rodeo Dr. RR with Laud Media's staff in the background.

Rodeo Dr.

Rodeo Dr. Barth considering to look at some art.

In Beverly Hills there are very many of these.

Laud Media's excursion to a lookout point in Beverly Hills.
Hollywod sign is in the background.