Radio direction finding

Fu.NP.E a/c

Fu.NP.E a/c is a radio direction finder antenna with amplifier and bandpassfilter.
Frequency range is from 0.19 to 25 MHz. Receiver used with the antenna was Fu.H.E.u1.
Fu.NP.E a/c was used both in air and ground operations.

Fu.NP.E a/c

Fu.NP.E a/c

Fu.NP.E a/c

Radio direction finder station in Luftwaffe.
The position to own and enemy airplane is reported.

EP2a receiver. 75 kHz – 3333 kHz. (E383 N2/37).

Left: Direction finder antenna for the EP2a receiver, Right: Antenna for the 100WS transmitter.

Tornisterempfänger Spez. 445 Bs. receiver and 100WS transmitter.

Break in the direction finder work.

Radio direction finder station in the Heer.

Here is the position to the enemy reported. EP2a receiver with antenna.
Here in Norway such radio systems were used to find illegal radio transmitters.

EP2a direction finder receiver with antenna.
In the same vehicle there is a radio station for reporting the direction finder data.
The operator has a pistol at the table.